Name Eng. Meaning Hindi Meaning Guj. Meaning
Vaachak word, speaker, one well versed in 12 angas.
Vaachak signifier and signified expressive and expressed
Vaachak Vaachya sambandh Relation between word and its meaning
Vaachaka expressive
Vaachya meaning, expressible in words, intended meaning, fit, to be spoken; that should be spoken to.Vaachya.
Vaad discussion; debate; interpretation of Scriptures; controversy; dispute; rivalry, competition; theory, argument, the discussion in which there is involvement of winning and loosing is involved is known as vaad.
Vaadi expert in spiritual argument, the plaintiff, a complainant, exponent, disputant, proponent, Vaadi is the speaker and prativaadi is the listener. Vaadi prativaadi nyaay nirnay determination of right between disputant and opposition, determination of right between speaker and listener.
Vaado enclosure, compound, behind house; pen or fold for sheep and goats; street; latrine; party, faction.
Vaadvivaad debate, discussion; disputation.
Vaanbhed different degree of impurities present in impure gold,
Vaanchhaa wish, desire.
Vaani vocal speech, voice, language, speech; language; words; organ of speech, tongue; note; Saraswati, goddess of speech
Vaans bamboo.
Vaansalo adze, axe
Vaasanaa wish, desire, inclination; impression on the mid of past actions which produces pleasure or pain; smell; odor, instinct, sentiments, wrong motive, wrong intention, wrong meaning,wrong opinion; wrong purpose, wrong intention,wrong intended meaning
Vaastavik real, true; proper, parmaarth,
Vaastu house, place to stay, shelter, refuge, support, swa dravya kshetra kaalbhaav
Vaastu shilp architectural
Vaastvikataa reality, true fact; propriety.
Vaat road, path; waiting; wick (of lamp); wick (inserted in wound to drain it); iron band or tyre of wheel.
Vaatsalya Fraternity towards coreligionists, joy and affection towards the right path and those following the path and propagation of true path, attitude of love and devotion, affection, tenderness,
Vaavavu planting, sowing.
Vacate speaker; eloquent speaker, orator.
Vachan speech, voice
Vachan agochar imperceptible by spoken words.
Vachan bal strength of speech.
Vachan gupti restraint speech.
Vachanaatit beyond spoken words, indescribable
Vad dark half of lunar month, banyan tree,
Vadvaanal fabulous sub marine fire.
Vahni fire,
Vaibhaavik bhaav passionate feelings contrary to the real nature of soul.
Vaibhaavik kriyaa passionate activities contrary to the real nature of soul
Vaibhaavik shakti interactive capacity, power causing passionate feelings contrary to the real nature of soul.
Vaibhav glory, grandeur; wealth.
Vaichitray diversity, difference, wonder.
Vaikriya sharir fluid body, transformable body,
Vaikriya sharir kaa samay prabaddh to accept the material particle suitable for fluid body in one samay.
Vaikriyik transformable body, fluid body,
Vaikriyik bandhan a karmic nature related to the binding of karmic molecules of transformable body
Vaikriyik chatushk a type of quartet pertaining to transformable body of infernal and celestial beings, like gati, aanupurvi, of celestial and infernal beings.
Vaikriyik kaay yog vibration in the soul’s space points of transformable body of heavenly and infernal living beings.
Vaikriyik samudghaat overflowing of the soul’s space point from the body for transforming the own shape.
Vaikriyik Sharir angopaang a karmic nature causing formation of the organs of transformable body of infernal and celestial being.
Vaikriyik sharir naamkarm prakruti a physique making karmic nature of the formation of transformable body of infernal and celestial beings.
Vaimaanik dev empyrean celestial living beings. How many types of empyrean celestial beings are there (Vaimanik Dev)? There are two types graded ones (Kalpopanna dev) and non-graded ones (Kalpatit dev). What are the graded celestial beings (Kalpopanna dev)? Here the celestial beings have various ranks such as chiefs or assistant chiefs. What are the non-graded celestial beings (Kalpatit dev)? Here the celestial beings have no ranks. How many types of graded celestial beings are there (Kalpopanna Dev)? There are sixteen as follow: 1. Righteous-Saudharma. 2. Great lord-Isana. 3. Perpetual youth-Sanatkumar. 4. Supreme lord-Mahendra. 5. Big lord-Brahma. 6. Super lord-Brahmottar. 7. Mysterious-Lantav. 8. Banyan-Kanistha. 9. Radiant-Sukra. 10. Supremely radiant-Mahasukra. 11. Hundred faceted-Satar. 12. Thousand faceted-Sahasratar. 13. Bent-Anata. 14. Prostrated-Pranat. 15. Beat-Arana. 16. Unswearning-Achyuta. How many types of nongraded celestial beings are there (Kalpatit dev)? There are twenty-three, as follow: Nine are neck dwellings (Nav Graiveyak). Three. Lower neck dwellings (Adho Graivayak) ♣ Sudarshan ♣ Amogh ♣ Suprabudhdha Three. Middle neck dwellings (Madhya Graivayak) ♣ Yasodhar ♣ Subhadra ♣ Suvishal Three. Upper neck dwellings (Urdhva Graiviyak) ♣ Suman ♣ Saumanashya ♣ Pritinkar • Nine sub directional heavens (Anudis). 1. Aditya 2. Archi 3. Archimalini 4.Vajra 5.Vairochan 6.Soumya 7.Saumyarupak 8. Ank 9.Sphutik •Five excellent (Anuttar) and those five are as follows: 1. Victory-Vijay. 2. Victorious-Vaijayant. 3. Conquering-Jayant. 4. Unvanquished-Aparajit. 5. Fully accomplished-Sarvarthsidhdhi.
Vainayik mithyatva wrong belief pertaining to pay equal respect to all deities and all religions
Vairaagya indifference to the world, absence of worldly desires, asceticism, renunciation, aversion from worldly life, detachment from worldly life, non attachment.
Vairaagya bhaavana emotions of aversion from worldly life
Vairaatrik a particular time after midnight, A time of 48 minutes past midnight till 48 minutes prior to sun rise. This is the time for monk to do swaadhyaay. (see kaalaachaar for further details). It is also known as apar raatri.
Vaishadya Purity, nirmaltaa, vishadataa, clearness, brightness, freshness, distinctness, intelligibleness, vividness,
Vaisrashik natural activity of the matter, sahaj jad ki kriyaa. •Sound produced by self without any efforts by humans etc. like sound of thunder etc. Vaisrashik
Vaitrushnya vitaraagataa is vaitrushnya., see also vitrushna.
Vaiyaavachch Vaiyavrutya, pious respectful service to saints.
Vaiyaavruti pious service to saints, rendering service,
Vajra thunderbolt, adamantine, unbreakable.
Vajrapaat stroke of lighting; fall of thunder belt; sudden and terrific calamity.
Vakrataa crookedness; bent; curvature
Valan bent or inclination of mind; bent, winding, curve;
Van forest, jungle,
Van bhojan dining in wood or garden; picnic.
Van char living in a forest, wild. m. animal, man, living in forest; monkey.
Van devataa sylvan deity
Van devi sylvan deity
Van maalaa garland of wild flower; (ShriKrishna's) garland of flowers reaching up to knees.
Vandan bowing, ceremonial and humble greeting of a spiritual teacher, obeisance, salutation, adoration, worship, reverence, praise, praise with the verbal words, vachan thi stuti karvi te. In namokar mantra pranaam as well as vandan are included.
Vandhyaa sri barren woman, unproductive woman, infertile woman, sterile woman,
Vandya the dark half of a lunar month, worthy of salutation.
Vandya vandank bhaav to show the respect to the worthy one. It is present only up to six spiritual development stage only.
Vanmaali shri krishna.
Vanraaj king of forest, lion,
Vanraaji long line, grove, of trees; long tract of forest; forest track.
Varaakaa poor, miserable, beggar,
Varga category, group, square, bundle of potencies incorporated in a single indivisible atoms which forms the basis of karmic matter. potency of karmic dust particle is defined in terms of number of units of different attributes is known as avibhaag pratichchheda. A group with the same potency of these avibhaag pratichchheda is known as varga.
Varganaa type of karmic molecules constituted by a number of vargas or karmic atoms, name of molecule of infinite atoms, aggregate of same molecules of some matter., collection of varga is known as varganaa. Varjan discard, to give up,
Varna color; letter of the alphabet; form, appearance; sort. m., f. any one of the four classes or divisions (varnas) of Hindu society; caste. color. They are mainly five: black, white, yellow, red and green. rest of the colors happens due to mixture of these five.
Varna maalaa alphabet.
Vartan behavior; manners.
Vartanaa instrumental cause. Vartanaa means minute transformation occurring in a substance which are not perceivable. in contrast, parinaam means the transformation which are perceptible. પોતપોતાના પર્યાયની ઉત્પત્તિમાં સ્વયંમેવ વર્તમાન જીવાદિ દ્રવ્યોં નિમિત્તરૂપ પ્રેરણા કરવી તે.
Vartavu behave, act; become; be; subsist. v. t. make out, guess; predict; [poet.] see; give according to usage.
Vash subject to, under the control of; subdued, obedient; charmed, fascinated. m. control.
Vashat purnataa, completeness, one has completed the action of aahvahan, sthaapanam and sannidhikarana. Ek kriyaa ke baad purnataa hote par vashat shabd kaa upygo kiyaa jaata hai. This is “raudhik” shabd hai. Vashat is an avyay shabd.
Vastu object, thing, substance, matter, infinite attributes and modes residing in a substance is known as vastu, the one in which the attributes and modes reside.
Vastu dharma attribute of a thing
Vastutva nature of reality of any substance, reality, objectivity attribute, causal efficiency attribute
Vaytirek vishesh compared to one substance the presence of different modification found in other substance, e.g. buffalo is different than cow.
Ved gender,
Ved kashaya passion of lust,
Vedak sufferer of karmic results., one who experiences results of karma
Vedak bhaav desire to experience certain inclinations, vedan karne vaalaa bhaav.
Vedak samyakdrasti one with destructive right belief.
Vedak samyaktava destructive substantial right belief.
Vedan experience, knowledge, to know and to experience is vedan., knowing, knowledge; experiencing; feeling. vedan nirvikalpa avasthaa maa chhe, Hu vedu chhu te savikalpa dasha thai. Gnaan apexa e nirvikalpa ane savikalpa ek j samaye chhe,
Vedana samudghata Extrication of soul points due to intense pain
Vedanaa experiencing pain.
Vedanaa bhaya one of the seven fears of bodily painful suffering.
Vedatraya triplet of gender
Vedi altar.
Vedi suddhi ritual of purification of altar of the temple.
Vedika altar.
Vedniya karma causing the experience of pain and pleasure.
Vedya bhaav the inclination which gets to be experienced, jis bhaav kaa vedan kiyaa jaataa hai, The desire of certain inclinations from the past is now getting experienced at this moment.
vedya vedak bhaav soul has desire for certain inclination (vedak bhaav) and that inclination comes in experiencing state in the future mode.(vedya bhaav) Therefore they both are occurring at different samays. When desire is there, the experience is not there and vice versa. Both states are the deluding states of the soul.
Velan rolling pin (for rolling cakes)
Ver wreak vengeance, enmity; animosity; hatred; vindictiveness.
Veshtan wrapping; wrapper; cover; packing. વેષ્ટન
Veshtani insulator. વેષ્ટની
Veshy palace, house, temple वेश्य
Veshyaa prostitute, immoral woman.
Veshyaa gaman adulterous conduct.
Vibhaag to differentiate, to separate.
Vibhaav vishesh, common difference, specific, particularity, special, peculiar, particular, distinctive
Vibhaav arth paryaay alienated substantive modification, e.g. modes of inclination of attachment and aversion.
Vibhaav guna extrinsic qualities, contrary to the real nature,
Vibhaav guna paryaay vibhaav arth paryaay, Delusive feelings in one caused due to some other matters, With alien substance as instrumental cause there occurs altered mode in the soul e.g. soul’s inclinations of attachment and aversion
Vibhaav shakti vishesh shakti, special power present in soul and matter only. With this power soul and matter can have utpat vyay origination cessation in pure or impure form. Distinctive power of soul and matter.
Vibhaav vyanjan paryaay alienated shape modification e.g. living being with shape of human, celestial, subhuman or infernal beings.
Vibhaava vishesh bhaav, apexit bhaav, inclination due to expectation or due to desire.
Vibhaava bhaava passionate feelings, contrary manifestation
Vibhaava kriyaa contrary activity.
Vibhaava paryaay contrary manifestation mode.
Vibhakta separate, different,
Vibhakta pradeshatva having different space points., bhinn pradeshatva.
Vibhakti inflection or variation of nouns; case. There are eight. 1: prathamaa: Kartaa: Nominative 2: Dwitiyaa: karma: accusative 3: Trutiyaa: karan: instrumental 4: Chaturthi: Sampradan: dative 5: panchmai: apaadaan: ablative 6: shashti:Sambadh: Genitive 7: saptami: Adhikaran: locative 8: Sambodhan: vocative
Vibhaktva differentiation from alien conditions, screened, separated, This is me and this is mine, I am the doer and the endurer of other substances to break this relationship is called differentiation of the alien condition vibhaktva, separate from passion, passionless.
Vibhram amorous gestures; doubt; illusion; wandering; hurry; flurry.
Vibhu omnipresent; eternal; motionless; powerful, mighty; great; best. m. God, boundless, all pervading, abundant, plentiful, powerful, excellent, bestowing, richly, possessing mighty treasure or wealth..
Vibhushit decorated, adorned.
Vibhutaa powerful, manifestation of might, great power, arisen, produced, great, mighty, abounding in glory.
Vibhuti splendor, dominion, prosperity, grandeur, 49 prominent luxuries of chakravarti, mighty, powerful, presiding over, plenty, abundance, manifestation of might
Vibhutva all pervasiveness
Vichaar thoughts, reflection, consideration, opinion, notion, meditation, yoga.
Vichalit unstable, shaking.moved from a place, moves away.
Vicharavu go, move about, travel.
Vichay Thinking, exploration, investigation.
Vichchhinn broken, cut off, severed; interrupted.
Vichikitsaa disgust, dislike, looking at monk who has not taken shower one gets disgust, aversion, antipathy, hatred.
Vidhaan prescribed rite; manner, method; scriptural injunction; act; service; remedy; sweet ball made for elephant; rule, regulation; law.
Vidhaataa Brahma, the Creator, one who shows the pathway to liberation.
Vidhaayak constructive; affirmative. m. organizer; maker; ordainer.
Vidhey fit to be done or stated; obedient, under one's control. n. predicate; person on whom mesmerism is tried, establish, procurement, to be bestowed, To be practiced, compliant, submissive, submission, object to be accomplished.
Vidhey puran enlargement of predicate
Vidhey vardhak enlargement of predicate
Vidhi Brahma; goddess of fortune, Destiny; order; sacred precept; sacred, purificatory, rite or ceremony. rite; procedure or method of performance., affirmation, positive element, injunction, custom, rules and regulations, scriptural procedure to perform ritual.
Vidhi nishedh prescripIon or prohibiIon; rules regarding what should be done and what is forbidden, affirmaIon and negaIon perspecIves,
Vidishaa angle between two direcIon like angle between east and north etc. northeast, northwest, southeast southwest. ishan,agni vaayavya and nairutya. sub direcIons, quarter parts of the four direcIons. area occupied by one space point is known as vidishaa.
Vidwaan scholar
Vidyaa learning; knowledge; science or art of attaining it; science.
Vidyaadhar member of a class of demigods, a learned person. heavenly angel,
Vidyamaan bhaav swarupi, in the modes of some attributes there is always some purity is known as anujivi gun. Pratijivi means either pure or impure.
Vidyamaan living, existent; present.
Vidyut Thunderbolt,
Vighatan to dissipate
Vignaan determinate cognition, consciousness, seed consciousness. cognition of object, cognition, supreme knowledge, science.
Vignaan ghana solid cognition, solid supreme knowledge, ghan means three dimensional thing, vignaan ghan means one axis to be infinite time, second axis is innumerable space points of the soul and third dimension is the infinite attributes in a substance. Therefore vignaan ghan means solid state of the soul structure in which nothing out side thing can penetrate.
Vignapti announcement, communique, synonym with Avaay matignaan, a kind of sensory knowledge
Vigraha hindered, bent, not straight, war, fight; body; dissolution of a compound
Vigraha gati transmigratory motion of soul, transit from one body to other.
Vihaar movements, roaming from place to place, monk moving from a place to place. Vihaayogati naam karma karma associated with the movement of the living being. They are of two types: graceful and awkward.
Vijaati dissimilar, heterogeneous, belonging to another caste or tribe, different origin, different caste, different tribe.
Vijaatiya heterogeneous.
Vijigishu kathaa the argument occurring between plaintiff and defendant to establish their own theory is known as vijigishu kathaa.
Vikaar maladies, when thing actually appears as other, emotions, agitation, passion, change of mental condition, deviation from any natural state, alteration from natural state, agitation of mind, distortion in nature, altered state,
Vikaar parinati alien status
Vikaari disturbing, distortion in nature, agitation of mind, change,
Vikaari bhaav altered modification, deluding modification.
Vikaarya vyay, cessation, changing, transforming, disintegration, transformation from one state to other, to change from one state to other state.
Vikaarya-Vyaapya any mode occurring in a given substance, whether it is soul or matter is known its vyaapya. This vyaapya is with three things: Praapya, Vikaarya and Nirvarya. The present condition to which a substance accepts is its praapya. This present state got generated from disintegration of the previous mode. Therefore it is known as vikaarya. And this present state is been generated is known as its nirvartya.
Vikaash bloom open, develop, widen,
Vikal deficient, inadequate, deprived of a part, with faults, dosh yukt, defective, deficient,
Vikal pratyaksha self revealed knowledge without the aid of sense organs e.g. clairvoyance and telepathy knowledge.
Vikalaadeshi partial form of a given substance
Vikalendriya maimed senses, 2-4 sensed living beings, mutilated senses, crippled senses
Vikalpa abstraction, mental construction, rambling of mind due to rise of passion, option, uncertainty, ambiguity, doubt, suspicion, indecision; alternative, option; contrary thought or idea, reflective thoughts, option, imagination of different things in the mind, alternative, pseudo concept, determinate differentiation found in the objects of knowledge is felt the same way with divisions in knowledge mode is known as vikalpa. (samaysar kalash 10). The self and non self substances’ knowledge is known as vikalpa. swa ane par ne jaanvu te vikalpa chhe, nature of knowledge is vikalpa, gnaan no swabhaav e vikalpa chhe. To have illumination of the shape of the self and alien things in the soul is known as vikalpa, swa par na aakaaro nu avabhaasan te vikalpa chhe, (Pravachansaar gatha 124 tika page 244 gujarati) Different imagination occurring in the mind is vikalpa. vir shashan jayanti puja mangal archana 3rd stanza doubt, hesitation, contrivance, a figure of speech arising in juxtaposition of two hostile things of equal strength. જ્ઞેયો ના ભેદ થી જ્ઞાન માં ભેદ માલુમ થવો તે વિકલ્પ છે મનમાં વિવિધ કલ્પના ઉઠવી તે વિકલ્પ છે
Vikalpa gnaan Reflective thoughts, determinate,
Vikalpa grahit adopted abstraction.
Vikalpa nirdesh analytical judgement, pruthakkaranaatmak nirnay.
Vikalpa vyaapaar process of abstraction
Vikathaa gossip, non religious tale, they are mainly of four types: about women, food, state and theft: stri katha, bhojan katha, raj katha and chor katha. It is been expanded in ‘Bhaav Dipika’ with 25 types and they are: 1.woman gossip,2. money gossip arth katha 3. food gossip4. state gossip, 5.theft gossip, 6. enmity gossip vair katha 7. wrong belief gossip par pakhand katha 8. desh katha local gossip.9. story gossip bhasha katha 10.defamatory gossip gunabhandh katha 11. goddess gossip devi katha 12. harsh language nisthur katha, 13. back bitting, paisunya katha,14. sexual gossip kandarp katha 15. inopportune talk desh kalanuchit katha16. gest bhund katha 17. foolish talk murkh katha, 18. self praise atma prasansha 19. condemnatory talk par parivad katha, 20. contemptuous talk par juguptsha katha 21. talk painful to others par pida katha 22. quarrels talk kalah katha, 23. talk about worldly objects possession parigraha katha, 24. talk about worldly activity arambh katha 25. talk about singing and music sangeet vaditra katha.
Viklav bhaav fear, unhappiness,agitation, excitement; dread, fright; agony; anxiety; sorrow, disregard
Vikrityaa ruddhi dhaari saints possessing a super natural power of transforming body forms.
Vikriyaa super power to transfer the shape of the body in to different forms.
Vikriyaa ruddhi a kind of super power to transform the shape of the body.
Vikrut changed; diseased, spoiled; distorted, perverted.
Vikruti bhut vikaar bhut, of altered nature,
Vikshepini kathaa right religious speech which emphasizes on right principles.
Vikshipt in and out state. some times in the subject and other time goes out of subject. Stays in present and also goes to past and future.
Vilaas sport, pleasure; enjoyment of carnal pleasures; making merry; amorous or graceful gestures; amorous pastime or sport; coquetry, flirtatious behavior, bliss, aanand, having fun in the game.
Vilakshana anomalous, varying in character, different, of different characteristics
Viloki after seeing.
Vimaan aircraft., airplane; celestial self moving chariot; [Jain] God's place of residence.
Vimoha intense delusion, ignorance,
Vimohit engrossed in delusion, engrossed in ignorance.
Vimugdh one with infatuation, one with delusion, Mohi, Bhraant, one with the wrong notion
Vinaashak destroyer, destructive.
Vinay respect, veneration,
Vinayaachaar reverent attitude Vinayaachaar
Vinischyay determination, strong determination, dradh nischya.
Vipaksha counter proposition, of opposite; party; opposed. m. opponent; enemy. Saadhya ke vijaatiy dharm vaale dharmi ko vipakash kahate hai. presence of things to be proved saadhya, to be absent in similar place is known as vipaksha. e.g. There is fire present on the hill. The fire present in the kitchen is the same as fire present on the hill. So the kitchen is sapaksha. But the pond becomes vipaksha as there is no presence of fire in the water. So kitchen is sapaksha and pond is vipaksha. One who says something against the truth.
Viparinaam changed results, modification for raag, raag nu parinaman, vikaar parinaman, deluded state, mode which is opposite to the true nature of self.
Viparinanaman change or modification in state.
Viparit altered, perverted conviction, contrary attitude, erroneous, perverse, hostile; reverse; unfavorable..
Viparit Abhinivesh perverse intentions.
Viparit bhaaav altered form of modifications, altered form of inclinations.
Viparit mithyaatva belief in wrong religious concepts
Viparitataa viparyay, contrariety, inversion; topsy turvy; upheaval; false knowledge; disorder, confusion; destruction; distortion.
Viparyay antithesis, reversion, illusion, wrong faith, erroneous cognition. e.g to think that shell is silver., contrariety, inversion; topsy turvy; upheaval; false knowledge; disorder, confusion; destruction; distortion.
Vipatti misfortune, adversity, calamity; affliction; difficulty.
Vipin wood, forest
Viplav chaos,
Viprakrusht far away, staying far,
Vipratipatti wrong knowledge, wrong perception, wrong concept.
Vipul large, spacious; plentiful, abundant; deep.
Vipulmati manahparyah gnaan vipul means abundant. Over here vipul means deceitful. In this knowledge, one ends up knowing straightforward as well as deceitful knowledge present in someone’s mind.
Virakt free from desire, passion or worldly attachment.
Virakti lack or absence of attachment; displeasure, disgust.
Viral determined person, rare,
Virati cessation; rest, pause; indifference to worldly attachments or pleasures, abstinence, refraining, desirelessness.
Virodh opposition; hostility, enmity; inconsistency; contrariety; disagreement; quarrel.
Virodhi opposing; hostile, inimical; opposite. m. enemy, opponent.
Viruddh opposite; adverse, unfavorable.
Virya Vitality, potency, spiritual power, creative power, power of soul to know and see.
Viryaantaraay karmaa vitality obstructing karma, spiritual power obstructing karma
Visadrashyataa different, no resemblance to each other, non resemblance.
Visam rasi inclination of attachment
Visamvaad deceiving, attracting by false promises, falsified, spoiled, false assertion, breaking one’s word, disappointing, contradiction,
Vishaad dejection, sadness; sorrow, grief; despair.
Vishaal large, extensive, vast.
Vishaan horn of an animal. ivory of an elephant, haathi dant,
Vishad pure, nirmal, transparent, clear, distinct; easy (to understand); manifest.
Vishadataa clarity.
Vishas gnaan the knowledge which is without any obstruction and occurs without the help of any physical senses is vishad gnaan. niraavaran aur indriyo ki sahaayataa ke binaa utpann hone waalaa gnaan.
Vishaya objects of five senses, object of sense perception, object; object of enjoyment; sexual enjoyment; subject (of study); subject matter; point; region, province, country; aim, object.
Vishaya bhog enjoyment of sensual pleasures; sexual enjoyment.
Vishaya lolupi enjoyment of sensual pleasures; sexual enjoyment.
Vishaya ruchi attachment with sensual enjoyments, lust
Vishaya sukh sensual, sexual, pleasure.
Vishaya tyaag renunciation of sensual enjoyments.
Vishaya vaashnaa instinct of enjoyment of sensual objects.
Vishaya viraag renunciation of sensual enjoyments.
Vishayaabhilash intense lust for passion
Vishayaadhin Worldly sensual pleasures ultimately causing trouble
Vishayaashakt lustful, attached to sensual objects or pleasures, passionate.
Vishayaashakti attachment to sensual objects or pleasures; lust.
Vishayaatit supreme bliss.
Vishayi passionate; sensual. m. sensualist, voluptuary, knower of an object.
Vishesha common difference, specific, particularity, special, peculiar, particular, distinctive,
Visheshana distinguishing, discriminative, qualifying, distinctive, adjective, adverb, predicate, adjective.
Vishisht speciality, highlights, characteristics, distinguished, distinct, peculiar,excellent,
Vishkambh circle.
Vishtaa fecal matter, excrement(s); dung.
Vishuddh pure, genuine, unadulterated, true
Vishuddh parinam passion free pure results, visuddh parinam makes one with bondage of auspicious karma.
Vishuddhata genuineness, purity, sacredness,
Vishuddhi perfect purity; holiness. state of lack of passions, auspicious inclinations of the soul, In Karan labdhi when vishuddhi word is used then it means that there is purity of tatva gnaan (knowledge of truth) and also of the faith and conduct (shraddhaa and conduct) and also there is fruition of the passions which are going to be disintegrated. In the absence of intense passions when milder passions occur then also is known as visuddhi. Vishuddhi word is used in having auspicious inclinations, as well as purity of the soul’s mode. It is used in shubh bhaav and shuddh bhaav.
Vishuddi sthaan milder form of toxic emotions making soul restless.
Vishudhi labdhi virtue attainment. And due to feeble rise of Moha (deluding karma) the evolution of mild passion form of thoughts takes place wherein the reflection on Tattvas (Tattvavichara) be possible; attainment of such capacity is called Vishuddhi Labdhi (feeble state of passions).(Moksha-Marg Prakashak 7th chapter-samyak sanmukh mithyadrasti) Vishuddhi Labdhi Feeble state of passions.And due to feeble rise of Moha (deluding karma) the evolution of mild passion form of thoughts takes place wherein the reflection on Tattvas (Tattvavichara) be possible; attainment of such capacity is called Vishuddhi Labdhi (feeble state of passions).
Vishva univese
Vishwa brahm omniscient lord.
Vishwa samay omniscient lord.
Vismay surprise, astonishment; wonder.
Visrasaa only matter atomic particles. વિસ્રસા
Visrasaa upachayo generic Karman particles, karman varganao, વિસ્રસા ઉપચયો
Visrasoparay The generic karman particles in the vicinity the soul. They are still not in the bondage form with the soul. This has infinite matter atomic particles within. વિસ્રસોપરય
Vistaar breadth, non sequential e.g. attributes.
Vistaar saamaanya samudaay indivisibility of infinite attributes in a given substance, substance.
Vistaar Vishesho attributes
Vitaraag non attachment, detachment,
Vitaraag bhaav inclination of dispassion.
Vitaraagata The attitude of dispassion
Vitaraagi dispassionate, non attachment, anaasakti, detached,
Vitark argument or conjecture following another argument; doubt, suspicion; deliberation, argumentation, imagination, doubt, conceptual thinking, scriptural knowledge, Vitark means shrut gnaan
Vitraag kathaa the discussion between the student and his teacher about the nature of the spirituality is known as vitraag kathaa.
Vitrag vignaan right knowledge with no infatuation, passionless right knowledge, gnaan chetnaa, cognitive consciousness.
Vitrushna One who is without any desires, Monk with without raag and dwesh and having complete conduct is known as vitrushna. Vitrushna ke bhaav ko vaitrushnya kahate hai
Vivaad debate, discussion; controversy; quarrel; difference of opinion.
Vivakshaa desire to speak; import, speaker's intention, opinion, when one makes par ticular thing as principle thing and makes rest as secondary then it is known as vivakshaa. The secondary thing is known as avivakshit, intension, purpose, meaning, sense. Naya vivakshaa intention from partial point of view.
Vivakshit implied, implication.
Vivakt bhinn, rahit, different,
Vivart rup nature of changing, palataa rup.
Vivartan evolution, exposition, explanation; interpretation.
Vivasha dependent, enslaved; helpless; agitated.
Vivechan explanation; exposition, criticism.
Vivek discriminative, discrimination; judgement; discretion; politeness; modesty; etiquette; thrift, awareness,
Vividhataa novelty, variety, diversity.
Vividishu desire to know, Jignaashaa,
Vivikshaa desire to enter,
Vivikt separated, lonely place, isolation, the state without any reflective thoughts of nine elements. nau tattvo ke vikalp se rahit.
Vivikta Shayyashan to reside in a lonely place free from all external disturbances. Viyog separated
Viyog buddhi perceivable separable state, not to have unity, not to have associative state.
Vraj rushabh naaraaj sanhanan extremely strong physical body
Vrash sun of sankraanti, sun of summer time.
Vrat abstinence, vow, resolution, religious vow,
Vrati votary, devout,
Vruddhi haani increasing and decreasing.
Vruksha tree
Vrukshatva state of being tree.
Vrutt khand segment (of circle)
Vrutta circle
Vruttakar circular.
Vrutti parisankhyaan special restriction for accepting alms. self special restriction consisting in limitation of number of houses etc for accepting alms. this is to overcome desires.
Vrutti, disposition, proclivity, thought arising in mind; working of mind; tendency, inclination, of mind; nature; conduct, parinati ( kanjiswami samaysar 19th lect stanza 204), existence (pravachansar gatha 99) thought arising in mind; working of mind; tendency, inclination, of mind; nature; conduct; commentary, exposition; occupation, profession; livelihood; maintenance; power or force of word by which it expresses, indicates or suggests a meaning; style in composition. પ્રવૃત્તિ સંસ્કૃત માં સૂત્ર ની ટીકા
Vruttimaan substance.
Vruttisankshepa reduction of greed. To take vow for reducing the desire for food.
Vruttyansh divisions of modes.
Vyaadhi physical sufferings.
Vyaaghaat obstacle, hindrance; resistance; opposition, pratibandh,
Vyaamoha confusion, embarrassment, state of unmindful happiness.
Vyaapak bhaav kartaa bhaav, doer, substance by itself.
Vyaapak dharma property of determinant.
Vyaapaka pervading, diffusive, comprehensive, widely spreading or extending, spreading everywhere, invariably pervading or inherent or concomitant,. Perva sive, pervader, all encompassing, enveloping, one which occupies in all the condition, occupy, pervade. v. i. extend over, determinant, pervader, pervading, extending over, the whole; comprehensive; extensive, one who extends over, occupier, one which occupies all the area is vyaapak, pervader, probandum. Vyaapti kriyaa jo kartaa hai use vyaapak kahate hai. wherever there is fire, there is smoke. Here in this example, the fire is vyaapak.One which remains in smaller area in self is known as vyaapya. One which remains in bigger area is known as vyaapak. Vrukshatva state of being a tree is vyaapak and state of being tree of shisham tree is vyaapya. pervading, extending over, the whole; comprehensive; extensive Vyaapak means kartaa means dravya substance. Vyaapya means karm means paryaay mode kartaa karma sambandh can only be there if there is Vyaapya vyaapak sambandh. This is vyaapya vyaapak sambandh comes in kartaa karm adhikaar samaysaar. Word “aap” means: to reach, overtake, meet with, fall upon, obtain, gain, take possession pervade, occupy, pervading, diffusing, comprehensive, widely spreading or extending, spreading everywhere, make applicable everywhere, invariably pervading, Vyaapak means kartaa, doer, substance. The one which spread through in all the condition is vyaapak. In that sense the soul substance is vyaapak. The one which is present as only one state is vyaapya. In that sense the mode is vyaapya. ne which covers is vyaapak and one which is getting covered is vyaapya. one who covers is vyaapak and one which is covered by is vyaapya प्रसरनेवाला वह व्यापक है और जो दूसरों के द्वारा प्रसरा जाता है वह व्याप्य कहलायेगा. करने वाला-व्यापक और जो कार्य करता है वह व्याप्य द्रव्य कर्ता-व्यापक और पर्याय-कर्म-व्याप्य जहां पर व्याप्य व्यापक सम्बद्ध हो वहाँ पर कर्ता कर्म सम्बन्ध होता है समयसार कलश 49-व्याप्य व्यापक सम्बन्ध" ધ્યાપક શબ્દ માં "વિ" ઉપસગ છે, "આપ" ધાતુ છે. વિ + આપ શબ્દ ण्वुल् प्रत्यय થી ધ્યાપક શબ્દ બન્યો છે.
Vyaapakataa comprehensiveness. pervading, penetrating,
Vyaapan diffusion, vyaapti,
Vyaapanaa spreading through, pervading, penetration, covering, filling, fallen into misfortune, disordered, spoiled, corrupted, hurt, injured, destsroued, perished, disappeared, changed by the substitution of another should or symbol,
Vyaapavu felaai javu, prasari javu, to get diffused. to get spread over.
Vyaapta concomitant, afflicted, sarvatva felaelu, vyaapelu, afflicted, spread through, pervaded, extended, thoroughly occupied, having invariably inherent property, in variably pervaded, e.g. smoke is invariably attended by fire, pervaded; occupied, comprehended or included under, having invariably inherent property, invariably pervaded or attended or accompanied by, occupied, obtained, taken possession of, wealthy, rich, celebrated, famous, out spread, expanded, prasharael, felael, pervasion, permeation, invariable concomitance, universal accompaniment of middle term by the major.
Vyaapti acquisition, attainment, accomplishment, pervasion, inherence, inherent and inseparable presence of any thing in another as oil in sesame seed, heat in fire; universal, pervasion, invariable concomitance, universal distribution, diffusion.e.g smoke is always pervaded by fire or fire is necessarily attended with smoke, necessary connection, contemporaneity, existing or occurring in the same period of time, inherent relationship is known as invariable concomitance avinaabhaav sambandh ne vyapti kahe chhe. Intimate relationship between object and means. pervasion, spread through, diffusion, penetrated, pervaded, extended over, permeated, covered. Rule, invariable concomitance niyam, avinaabhaavi sambandh. Vyaapti is invariable,concomitance, universal pervasion between middle term (hetu saadhan) and major term, (Saadhya), it is the correlation between two terms of which one is pervaded and the other is pervader. The hetu is pervaded and saadhya is pervader in vyaapti. It is the relation of co existence of the hetu and saadhya. This relation must also be free from adventitious circumstance. Wherever there is smoke there is fire, wherever there is no fire, there is no smoke. In this example, wherever there is smoke there is fire is example from affirmative perspective anvay drastaant. Wherever there is no fire there is no smoke, this is example from negative perspective-vyatirek drastaant. The one with anvay and vyatirek is known as vyaapti. What is invariable concomitance-avinaabhaavi sambadh? Wherever there is means to achieved (e.g. smoke-saadhan) present then there is achieving thing (fire-saadhya) is also present and wherever there is absence of achieving things (saadhya-fire) absent then the means (saadhan-smoke) is also absent. This is called invariable concomitance (vyaapti)-.jyaa-jyaa saadhan hoy tyaa saadya nu hovu ane jyaa jyaa saadhya na hoy tyaa saadhan nu pan na hovu tene avinaabhaavi sambandh kahe chhe. What is called means to achieve (saadhan)? saadhan kone kahe chhe? One which is not there without the things to achieve is known as means to achieve saadhan. For achieving liberation (saadhya) one has to have faith in its true nature of the soul (saadhan)-je saadhya vinaa na hoy tene saadhan kahe chhe. Dharma nu saaadhan swaatma drasti. What is called things to achive (Saadhya)? Saadhya kone kahe chhe? The things with beneficial, unestablished reason and non contradicted is known as things to achieve-isht abaadhit asiddh ne saadhya kahe chhe. (pl. see further for pramaan). falling in to calamity or misfortune, suffering injury, failure, loss, ruin, death, dis appearance, substitution of one sound or letter by another.
Vyaapti dosh During logic one may have fault in necessary connection, tark ma kareli vyaapti maa dekhaato dosh,
Vyaapti gnaan tark, logic, from a specific experience one refers to the general thing, vyakti thi saamaanya no nirdesh thavo te tark kahevay chhe, broad knowledge, pervaded knowledge, Where there is vyaapya mode, there is presence of vyaapak the substance. This definition is from affirmative way. Avinaabhaav sambandh is sentence from negative way where there is no saadhy, there is no saadhan. Avinaabhaav as well as vyaapty knowledge of both is called tark logic. व्याप्य व्यापक सम्बन्ध को व्याप्ति कहते है (तर्क की पिरभाषा है)
Vyaapya permeable, penetrable, capable of being attended by any inherent characteristics, sign or middle term of an inference, proof, reason, cause, saadhan, hetu, the state of being pervaded, pervaded, determinate concomitant, one which occupies only part of the area is known as vyaapya, kaaran na pramaan ma kaarya no raheto naano pradesh, felaai jaay tevu, probans, Vyaapti ke vishay ko vyaapya kahate hai. The subject vishay of vyaapti is known as vyaapya. Wherever there is fire, there is smoke. Here smoke is vyaapya. One which remains in smaller area in self is known as vyaapya. One which remains in bigger area is known as vyaapak; If soul is vyaapak then mode is vyaapya. modification is vyaapya. Gnaan saamaanya vyaapak chhe ane gnaan vishesho vyaapya chhe. Aatmaa vyaapak chhe, paryaay vyaapya chhe. pervaded, diffuse, spread. mode is vyaapya., Any mode occurring in a given substance is its vyaapya.
Vyaapya any mode occurring in a given substance, whether it is soul or matter is known its vyaapya. This vyaapya is with three things: Praapya, Vikaarya and Nirvarya.The present condition to which a substance accepts is its praapya. This present state got generated from disintegration of the previous mode. Therefore it is known as vikaarya. And this present state is been generated is known as its nirvartya. permeable, penetrable, capable of being attended by any inherent characteristics, that which may be the site or locality of universal pervasion or of any invariably concomitant cause or characteristics (smoke which is invariably pervaded by fire), the sign or middle term of an inference, proof, reason, cause (saadhan, hetu), permeableness, the state of being pervaded or attended by, capable of obtaining, to be pervaded, as the oil is in the sesame seed, the oil is vyaapak and sesame seed is vyaapya.
Vyaapya dharma property of the determinate concomitant.
Vyaapya vyaapak bhaav soul is vyaapak and its mode is vyaapya, one is pervading and other is the matter to be pervaded which covers is vyaapak and one which is getting covered is vyaapya. one who covers is vyaapak and one which is covered by is vyaapya. प्रसरनेवाला वह व्यापक है और जो दूसरों के द्वारा प्रसरा जाता है वह व्याप्य कहलायेगा. करने वाला-व्यापक और जो कार्य करता है वह व्याप्य द्रव्य कर्ता-व्यापक और पर्याय-कर्म-व्याप्य जहां पर व्याप्य व्यापक सम्बद्ध हो वहाँ पर कर्ता कर्म सम्बन्ध होता है समयसार कलश 49-व्याप्य व्यापक सम्बन्ध"
Vyaapya vyaapaka sambandha relationship of determinate concomitant and determinant concomitant, penetrating penetrator relationship. kartaa karm sambandh, doer deed relationship. Doer-kartaa-vyaapak-is substance and deed-karm-vyaapya-is its mode. (samaysaar kartaa karma adhikaar) According to Samaysaar 181-183 Stanza, vyaapak is mode and vyaapya means substance. There is different view point expressed. As the knowledge of the substance occurs in mode only and therefore mode is kartaa, vyaapak and it knows the substance so it becomes karm-vyaapya. Kartaa Karma Sambandh is only there if there is vyaapya vyaapak sambandh present.substance is vyaapak, which is spreading through in any condition. It is doer kartaa-. Vyaapya is a condition, which has eligibility to spread. The vyaapak is substance and vyaapya is its mode. This relationship exists only in a same substance. It exists only in undivided indivisible substance.The substance is the doer of an act of spreading. The mode is the means by which the spreading occurs. The relationship between the two is known as vyaapya vyaapak sambandh. One which covers is vyaapak and one which is getting covered is vyaapya. one who covers is vyaapak and one which is covered by is vyaapya. प्रसरनेवाला वह व्यापक है और जो दूसरों के द्वारा प्रसरा जाता है वह व्याप्य कहलायेगा. करने वाला-व्यापक और जो कार्य करता है वह व्याप्य द्रव्य कर्ता-व्यापक और पर्याय-कर्म-व्याप्य जहां पर व्याप्य व्यापक सम्बद्ध हो वहाँ पर कर्ता कर्म सम्बन्ध होता है समयसार कलश 49-व्याप्य व्यापक सम्बन्ध"
Vyaapyamaan being pervaded or permeated or comprehended or included.
Vyaapyatva permeableness, the state of being pervaded or attended by,
Vyaas diameter,
Vyaavrut pratyay modal knowledge. distinctness of knowledge. This is white cow and that is black cow. This type of specific knowledge is known as vyaavrut pratyay, distinctive knowledge
Vyaavrutt different, bhinn.
Vyaavrutti negation, absence of one in to other, distinctness, discrimination, turn away, free from, mode, parinaam, bhed.
Vyabhichaar adulteration, going away or deviating from the right course; adultery, unchastity; lapse from duty; anomaly; [logic] absence of invariable concomitance, fault.
Vyabhichaar dosh reason is there but its cause is not there is known as vyabhichaar dosh. hetu rahane par saadhya ke naa rahane ko vyabhichaar dosh kahate hai.
Vyabhichaarini adulterous woman, adulteress.
Vyabhichaarit violated, adultery, transgression, violation.
Vyakta manifest, perceptible, apparent, distinct, visible.
Vyakta manifestation, expression, distinct, expressed; evident, open; manifest; revealed, external, baahya,
Vyakti individual; person; expression, manifestation.
Vyaktigat relating to individual; personal, individual.
Vyaktitva countenance, person’s facial expression
Vyaktitva personality; individuality.
Vyaktivaad individualism.
Vyanjan indistinct things, consonant; spot, mark; limb; private part; sauce, vegetable;fan; fanning.
Vyanjan paryaay shape mode of a substance, e.g. mode of human, celestial etc, spatial modification, shape modification. Two types: natural shape modification swabhaav vyanjan paryaay and alienated shape modification vibhaav vyanjan paryaay. Ref: Jain siddhant Praveshika English Q. no. 39. Vyanjan paryaay is also known as dravya paryaay (Panchaadhyaayi purvardh gatha 63), દ્રવ્ય ના પ્રદેશત્વ ગુણ ના વિશેષ કાર્ય ને વ્યંજન પર્યાય, દ્રવ્ય પર્યાય કહે છે (જૈન સિદ્ધાંત પ્રપ્રશ્નોત્તર માળા ભાગ 1, પ્રપ્રશ્ન 212)
Vyanjanaachaar Reading, writing and pronouncing every letter and words correctly Vyanjanaachaar
Vyanjanaavagraha knowledge of indistinct things. This is part of sensory knowledge matignaan. Only avagraha is present.
Vyantar peripatetic ( traveling from place to place)devas, wandering celestial beings. How many types of wandering celestial beings are there (Vyantar dev)? There are eight types: 1. Deformed humans Kinnara. 2. Deformed persons Kinpuruss. 3. Great serpent Mahorag. 4. Musician Gandharva. 5. Treasure keeper Yaksha. 6. Demon Rakshasa. 7. Devil Bhut. 8. Goblin Pisacha.
Vyapadesh name,sangnaa, nirdesh, kathan, sentence,
Vyaparop vicchhed, causing death, to destroy.
Vyasan habit, esp. bad habit; addiction to intoxicating drugs or drinks; misery; calamity, danger; destruction; heavy loss.
Vyatikar diferent. bhinn,
Vyatikar dosh reciprocal fault, living mixing with matter and vice versa, blending together, combination.
Vyatikram crossing the barrier of vows, transgressing, deviating, swerving, violation, breach, non performance, disregard, neglect, omission, contrariety, inversion, reverse, adversity, misfortune.
Vyatirek method of difference, distinction, reaching beyond, a type separateness, different, one which does not become like something else. Paryaya is called vyatirek because they all are different from each other in contrast to attributes which are called anvay, gross sthul nature of modes are known as vyatirek. Gross modes are perceived by physical senses, division, one thing does not become like other, bhinn roopatva, vyatirek means also attributes and modes when one considers anyvay as substance, positive and negative assertion; agreement and contrariety, Vyatirek do not cross the limit of anvay, origination and cessation combined are known as vyatirek, origination and cessation of different modes is known as vyatirek. In the absence of reason the activity is also absent is known as vyatirek kaaran ke abhaav mein kaarya kaa abhaav ko vyatirek kahate hai. e.g. if there is no fire, there is no smoke. (pariksha mukh adhyaay 2, sutra 7) Two substances are different so it is dravya vyatirek or desh vyatirek Two substances have different area so it is kshetra vyatirek.modes are occurring one by one, therefore are different kaal vyatirek Each mode is unique in its own form and different from others bhaav vyatirek. distinction, difference, separation from, exclusion, exception, contrast, dissimilarity, logical discontinuance, opposite of anvay, (panchaadhyaayi stanza 147-150 ).
Vyatirek drastaant example from negative perspective,
Vyatirek paddhati method of difference (in logic).
Vyatirek sahachaar concomitance of negation
Vyatirek vishesho modes.
Vyatirek vyaapti, negative pervasion, a type of inference in which only agreement in absence of middle and major terms has been observed e.g. where there is no fire, there is no smoke.
Vyatirek Vyaktio manifestation with differences, bhed rup pragattao, modes, modifications occurring in a substance.
Vyatirekin different, surpassing, excelling, excluding, showing negation or non existence,
Vyavahaar drasti practical outlook
Vyavahaar naya empirical point of view, conventional stand point, analytical point of view Vyavahar naya kaa grahan aur nishedh From conventional point of view when one knows the absolute point of view then he has correctly accepted conventional point of view. When one knows that conventional point is as it is and is not the absolute point, then one has negation for conventional point of view. e.g. The butter pot. Here one ends up knowing that the particular pot has butter in it, then he accepted the conventional point of view. Further he also ends up knowing that intact the pot is made of clay and not of butter the he in turn negated the conventional point of view. The vow and virtuous conduct etc are the vehicle through which I obtain passionless state is known as acceptance of the conventional point of view. But at the same time I know that they are auspicious activities and not the pathway to liberation then it is known as negation of conventional point of view. The acceptance and negation of conventional point of view occurs in knowledge only. The auspicious activity is not to be accepted-grahan-or to be made negation-tyaag-of it. Grahan tyaag of conventional point of view occurs in the knowledge only and not in the activity. (ref: Nay rahashya book by Abhaykumarji page 62-64)
Vyavahaar shrut kevali one who knows all twelve cannons of scriptures, ends up knowing the eternal innate indivisible true nature of self. this state is known as Vyavahaar shrut kevali. Even one is not well versed with all twelve cannons, but with whatever sacred knowledge shrut gnaan he has, and now, he ends up experiencing the eternal true nature of the innate soul substance then also he is known as conventional sacred knower. vyavahaar shrut kevali, vyavahaar bhaav shrut gnaan.
Vyavahaar shuddhi purity in dealings or behavior
Vyavahaaraabhaas fallacy of conventional point of view
Vyavahaaraabhaas perceived conventional point of view, vyavhaar ko hi parmaarth samajataa he voh.
Vyavasaay resolve, settled determination, strenuous effort, intension, to make up one’s mind, trade, business, act, action, performance, first impression, perception, state, condition, buddhi, having resolute mind, perseverance, Avaay(a part of matignaan) is also known as vyavasaay.
Vyavashaayaatmak vishesh rup se sarva ko jaannaa, to know every thing in right way, yathaarth gyaan, nishchaayaatmak, nirnayaatmak, judgeental, vikalpaatmak, determined, decisive,
Vyavasthaa arrangement; order; management
Vyavasthit well arranged; systematic; ordered.
Vyaya destructibility, disappearance, loss of former mode is vyaya, loosing the precious form. change. disintegration, cessation, Avyay mean not changing
Vyom pushp flower in the sky.
Vyuchchhed lack, non existence,
Vyuchchhitti annihilation, Abhaav, naash,
Vyutpaadak giving rise to, producing, productive,tracing back a word to its roots, explaining etymologically,
Vyutpaadya capable of being traced to its roots, derivable, to be explained or discussed.
Vyutpann arisen, originated, derived, to be explained etymologically, learned, accomplished, experienced, versed,
Vyutpatti etymology, (the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history), meaning of words, production, origin, derivation; development, perfection, growth especially in language
Vyutsarga performance of austerity by standing in a place without any attachment for the body, renunciation, giving up the attitude of “I” and “mine” is renunciation, renouncing selfish feelings.
Vyutsarga prayashchitt same as Vyutsarg tap see below.
Vyutsarga samiti carefulness about disposal of excreta,To dispose of things that are of no use at a place free from living bodies and after proper inspection Vyutsarga Samiti
Vyutsarga tap renunciation of internal and external attachments, an austerity.